Mayor of major city near Noah’s ark promises support!

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We had an exciting and productive meeting with the Honorable Yildiz Acar, the mayor of Doğubayazıt, a few weeks ago. The section chief for Zafer Onay’s neighborhood set up the meeting. We were able to introduce to her the Noah’s ark visitor center renovation project and present our renovation plans for the site. She was very excited and offered the municipality’s support. We gave her ideas for tourism in this district including a tourism center along the well-traveled Ishak Pasha road. Ishak Pasha is the main tourist site in the province in addition to trekking on Mount Ararat (Ağrı Dağı) and visiting Noah’s Ark (Nuh’un Gemisi) which is the site we are working to promote and do further research on. The mayor gave her approval to use their logo on our material as a sponsor of the renovation project. She promised the following support:
  1. The city will provide an outside trash dumpster with a weekly trash pickup. 
  2. The city will pave the dirt parking lot in front of the visitor center this fall.
  3. The city will donate landscaping including trees, bushes, and benches to the site next spring after the city engineers visit the site with us to see where best to plant the new trees and bushes.

Another exciting development was that we asked the mayor if they could print tourism flyers about the Noah’s ark site to be placed in the lobby and/or hotel rooms in all the hotels in Doğubayazıt and she agreed to that. We are currently in the process of designing these city-sponsored tourism flyers.

If you would like to help support this renovation project and build the new walking trails around the Noah’s ark site please visit the below links. We are needing 100 volunteers to come to the site this year. We have different dates you can select from for the week-long trip (or you can stay longer). If you can’t make it we have a list of initial items we need donors to financially sponsor at the below link. Thank you for the continued support as we do our best to upgrade the site and promote tourism to this area of Turkey. 

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  1. Sammy D. Manual
    Sammy D. Manual says:

    I’m getting things ready so that next year I would like to go with you Egypt and to Saudi Arabia and even turkey. My grandparents were Holocaust survivors I am a Spanish Jew. And I love Jesus with all my heart

    • Andrew Jones
      Andrew Jones says:

      Hi Sammy, That is great! We would love to have you on our tour. We have a special 1-month tour that will hit up all the sites from Turkey to Egypt to Saudi Arabia with optional extensions for Jordan and Israel. Details will be posted soon. Otherwise, we will have our standard tours to each of those sites next year.


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